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Improve investment outcomes with Artificial Intelligence (AI)



The Fund is fully managed using AI technology, which eliminates human emotion, enabling the Fund to actively and quickly adapt to changing market conditions, thereby reducing risk and improving outcomes for investors.  The Fund aims to produce equity-like returns (inflation plus 5% over rolling five-year periods) at lower levels of risk, making it suitable for less aggressive investors. The Fund is Regulation 28 compliant and can be used by investors saving for retirement, as well as those drawing an income in retirement.


What is artificial intelligence?

AI is the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, through machine learning techniques. These systems are able to perform specific tasks better and quicker than a human.


AI advantage

Markets today change and move faster than ever before, and conventional ways of managing funds often can’t keep up. In this environment, AI can enhance investment strategies by:


·         Being self-learning and adaptive – the AI engine can quickly adapt to changing environments and markets and self-adjust its methods to minimise investment risk

·         Being predictive – the AI engine aims to identify and predict evolving market behaviour on a systematic and objective basis

·         Reducing human error and removing emotions from investment decisions.


The Glacier AI Balanced Fund demonstrates Glacier’s ongoing commitment to innovation, and to seeking ways to improve the investment experience for clients. Please contact me for more information and how this fund will benefit you.


Visit www.glacierinsights.co.za

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