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  1. Do I really want to downgrade my current lifestyle at retirement?
  2. What age would I ideally like to retire at?
  3. What is my current income? Will I need less income at retirement?
  4. What are my current investments, and do I know how much my return will be?
  5. Do I plan on continuing to work past retirement age?
  6. Am I putting away enough per month?
  7. Do I understand the options there are for retirement savings?
  8. Why wouldn’t I make use of the many tax benefits of retirement annuities? 

Once you have asked yourselves these questions, it is very important not to bury your head in the sand, but rather to work towards a future you look forward to.   Look at your goals and dreams and ensure you have the correct policies in place to be able to retire in comfort. Know your options and the benefits of each.


Start saving for your retirement from the moment you start working. It might feel like it is a long way away and there is more than enough time but time passes by very quickly and compound interest is your best friend! If you would like to see the magic of compound interest in action, let me know.


With over 20 year’s experience I can assure you that many clients wake up too late.  Don’t be shy to ask a Professional to assist you with these big life choices.  You are welcome to ask, there is no obligation.

An informed decision is the right decision!

Drop me a mail, if you would like to chat bot your options.

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