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Although NHI (National Health) is still on the cards and government is working hard on solutions to assist all South Africans with access to good healthcare, I believe that having a private medical aid is still imperative. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, family, or a company that offers their employees medical aid, it just matters that you end up at the correct medical facility when you need the care the most.   There are many medical aid options to choose from, ensure you make an informed decision on the best option to suit your needs and budgets.  YOUR HEALTH MATTERS.


The four medical aids I assist my clients with, are:


Discovery Health


Discovery currently service over 5.1 Million clients. They have a shared value that incentivizes people to be healthier and enhances and protects their lives.  Discovery has 23 options to choose from and can comfortably accommodate any family structure or company medical aid, for all employees. Due to their size and innovative approach Discovery is the market leader in many ways.


Momentum Health


Momentum Medical Scheme, provides a wide range of medical aid options. They cater for all stages of your life.  Whether you are a student, just starting your career or the breadwinner of the family, they provide many options suited to your individual needs.  They provide 6 options, that can be tailored to suit the various stages of your life.




Fedhealth has created plans that are specially designed to suit you.  They currently have 7 plans available, their innovative flexiFED options that let you “create-your-aid”, to their maxiFED options that offer the ultimate in comprehensive medical aid cover.  If you have never had a medical aid before, they offer great affordable options and YOU control your premiums.


Every plan with bestMed comes with a range of medicine and chronic care benefits. There are no automatic self-payment gaps on any options.  Child dependents under the age of 24 including registered students up to the age of 26 are regarded as child dependents.  You can choose from 12 structured plans designed to suit your pocket and stage of your life.


What are the waiting periods these medical aids can implement and why?


Legislation changed a few years ago and one of the changes was that a medical aid cannot refuse anyone cover. In other words, not matter what is wrong with a member, they cannot decline to take the person on. As you can just imagine, that means a very ill person can now have access to private healthcare even though they have only paid a few premiums.


Due to the above, the Medical Schemes Council allows the medical aids to implement these two waiting periods:

A general 3 month waiting period – which means you will pay for the medical aid for 3 months but will have no cover

A 12-month condition specific waiting period – this means that even if you have a 100 really terrible conditions/illnesses, the medical aid can only exclude it for 12 months, thereafter they have to cover all of it.


Why would you not opt for the convenience of having YOUR OWN personal advisor, at no extra charge, available to advise you on all your medical aid needs? 


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