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We always hear about someone getting cancer, a friend of a friend. A parent or child of a colleague and we say quietly to ourselves, thank heavens it’s not me or my loved ones!

Well, this time it was me! I am now one of the many statistics out there. I am one of the lucky ones though, it was ‘just’ skin cancer – melanoma in-situ. A small freckle or mole on my back. When the surgeon removed it, he admitted he was concerned – so then the dreaded wait for the results. The results came back and yes there was cancerous cells. In that one minute, it became more difficult for me to get additional life cover, more specifically dread disease cover! They had to remove a bigger piece of skin to ensure everything has been cut out. A bit of ‘skin grafting’ was done to cover up the gaping hole.

Now you might wonder, why am I telling you this gory story. The reason is simple, it could be YOU. It could happen to YOU. Cancer has no preference in which age group, which sex or even which ethnicity you are. The Big C is a few cells that just ‘wake up one day and decide to NOT be like all the other cells’.

And in that moment, cancer starts building in your body.

Have your check-ups. Ask your partner, friend, child to check your back to see if any funny ‘freckle’ is spreading. Be aware and please ensure you have the right AND adequate cover, should this story be yours to tell, or possibly a spouse or child’s story.

A new addition to the family….. So many things to think of! So many issues to discuss but strangely enough the financial future of Baby Boo never seem to quite make the list.

 Spring is around the corner and thankfully after a very fresh winter the weather will become warmer and the land will slowly start changing to shades of green! Spring is the season when the world revives and rejuvenates after the colder winter months. During spring, the sleeping earth starts to grow again and new seedlings sprout out of the ground.  Those animals in hibernation start to awake.

Did you know the definition of spring: an early or flourishing stage of development.  To me, this is very appropriate when we look at our lives no matter what stage we are in.

Spring is a chance for new beginnings.  It’s a chance to get out of your homes and perhaps comfort zones?  Get that spring back into your step and start tackling those problems or issues you have perhaps been putting off?  Are you planning a much-needed holiday at the end of the year! Do you have the funds available?

Does your life need a spring clean?  Do you need to look at how your investments are lining up with your future goals and plans? Did you know that there are some amazing tax-free investments that are available to you and save you money in the long run?  Did you know that there are options to save money out of South Africa?

Why not take that step in the right direction and look at your life right now and have a Personal Financial Advisor who is invested in you, your company, and your family's futures and is with you every step of the way?

You have one life and one chance to make the right choices.  Let me ensure that you take the step in the right direction now and use your money wisely. 

Contact me to find out how we can bring some sunshine back into your life and ensure your future is bright!

For some, Covid and its continual lock downs, meant you started working from home. This might sound great, but many found this to be a lot more stressful and very disruptive to their family and home life. The upside was that you didn’t need to sit in traffic but the added stresses of trying to hold down a full-time job,  think out of the box to keep businesses afloat whilst being thrust into a world of teacher and keeping your home clean, took its toll.   There were job losses, pay cuts and the loss of loved ones, which has had a devastating effect on the life you thought you had and a future you thought you knew. 

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Anti-tobacco Month presents an opportunity to explore the long-term consequences associated with the use of cigarettes, cannabis, and vaping. Dagga has been permitted for home use in South Africa, but there are still many factors to consider, which include implications to your health and your insurance premiums.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in the world of investments – something investors can no longer ignore.  In addition to the Glacier AI Flexible Fund of Funds – which celebrated its third anniversary in September last year – Glacier has expanded its range of AI funds to include the Glacier AI Balanced Fund.

One of the most depressing things to endure is the bank charges on your overdraft. Wouldn’t you agree? How could you decrease the ‘profit’ the bank makes from you?

FACT : “South African households do not save sufficiently for retirement nor their short-to-medium-term needs, the National Treasury said in a December analysis. “Household savings average just above 2% of GDP per annum, most of which is contractual savings for retirement funds.”

What are the most important questions to ask yourself?

Did you know that, at no extra cost to you, we at Tutela, are able to assist you with your medical aid or take over your current medical aid, as your broker and provide you with the support you need? Having your own medical aid brokers come at no extra cost to you. The income we earn is paid directly from the medical schemes, this is ALREADY priced INTO your current monthly premium. In short, your premium includes having the benefit of an advisor – do you make use of this benefit?

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